October 26-27-2019


1000 Skopje, N.Macedonia


50 Women


15 Professional Speakers

ABOUT THE MASTERCLASS / what's going on there come and learn

With idea to to inspire and help other digital women entrepreneurs and ensure that women of the region have a seat and a voice at the policymaking table for a more inclusive digital economy, we gathered around 50 women from North Macedonia and the whole Western Balkan region, that own their own e-business.

The Masterclass was the perfect opportunity for the participants to network with other women from the region, to be able to showcase their e-businesses between each other, to learn important new things from experienced and proven speakers and of course, to have fun while doing all this.

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Nina Angelovska, PhD / eTrade for Women Advocate

Agenda / dont forget it

Final Remarks & Closing Ceremony

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Event Participants / meet with greaters

Nina Nikolikj

Swiss EP

Tamara Dutina

IT4BIZ doo - SuperAdmins

Jelena Arsovska

McCann Skopje

Jelena Obrenović Tatalović

Wireless Media

Jovana Josipovic

Wireless Media

Ajlin Sheali

Danka Joksovic

Tatjana Pavlovic

Najlepshe za Najmladje

Dragana Sujak


Marija Arnaudova


Radojka Dimitrijevska

SN Finance

Hristiana Delova

SN Finance

Liljana Sokolovska


Iskra Tikvarovska

EVN Macedonia

Pranvera Rrapushi

Elona Kule

Tana Zimmermann

Emilija Ilieva

A1 Macedonia

Milica Paligoric

Ecommerce Serbia

Jana Durneva

A1 Macedonia

Bojana Kovac

Red Queen Serbia

Nesila Hajdini

Jasmina Gajevic

TAG Media

Sanja Milosavljević

WAW Milos Beograd

Monika Rizovska

Cosmic Development

Valentina Ivanic

CDD Institute

Sandra Tomanovikj


Ime Prezime

Company Name

Ime Prezime

Company Name

Milica Čalija

Andjeli Delicije doo

Naida Dervishalidovic

Aleksandra Tashkova

Sport M

What happened in Skopje / 1st Masterclass event!

The first of the 7 “eTrade for Women” Masterclass series

UNCTAD kicked off its “eTrade for Women” masterclass series to help women entrepreneurs in developing countries and economies in transition build the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in the digital economy.  More than 40 female entrepreneurs from the Balkan Peninsula

What is “eTrade For Women” initiative?

“eTrade for all” leverages the work and visibility of a selected group of leading women digital entrepreneurs from developing regions, the “eTrade for Women Advocates”.”eTrade of Women” is an initiative by the eTrade for all partners, led by UNCTAD and supported by

1st Masterclass Location

1000 Skopje, N.Macedonia
+389 78 67 98 92

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